Miss Kill 

Bristol based Grunge duo. 

Alannah and Felicity Jackson perform under the singular moniker Miss Kill. Take a wild guess how placid and demure they aren’t. Miss Kill formed at the end of 2017 when 16 year old Alannah Jackson cast off her acoustic guitar in favour of a sonic blue Fender Mustang in tribute to her hero Kurt Cobain and forced her 17 year old socially dysfunctional sibling Felicity to take up the drums. At the start, making music seemed hard for both carefree girls, but they started to develop some wild ideas when they stayed up past 3am in the morning jamming loud in their practise room whilst neighbours banged at the door with noise complaints. 2018 saw them release their debut E.P Love, Loss & Rejection and gain a reputation as a fearsome live act on the South West gig circuit and beyond.